How much CBD is in each drop of each CBD

How much CBD is in each drop of each CBDrop Oil/Tincture?

As you may know, legally, we are not able to give specific medical/dosage advice for our products. To that point, CBD does affect everyone differently, so the product and dosage that works best for each person, highly depends on the individual and their needs. We understand this can be confusing (and even frustrating!) so we do have a few tips, tricks and general dosage recommendations below 🙂

A few tips to get the most out of your CBDrop CBD Oil: We recommend always shaking the bottle before use. Refrigeration is not necessary, however, some customers do prefer to refrigerating their oil. A cool, dry space for storage is great as well.

Our general dosage recommendations are as follows: Take 3-4 drops sublingually (under the tongue) Wait up to an hour to see how the product affects you and increase dosage as necessary to reach desired effects. We recommend daily use 🙂

The following is more info on how much CBD is in each drop of each of our CBDrop hemp derived CBD oils. Drops obviously vary in size but we can make a very educated guess.

One full dropper is approximately 1 mL. There are approximately 25-30 drops per mL.

*These are approximations and are to be used only as a general guideline**

Our 250mg CBDrop CBD Oils have approximately 0.27mg – 0.33mg in 1 drop (30ml bottle) 0.83% CBD or 8.3:991.7 CBD:MCT

Our 500mg CBDrop CBD Oils have approximately 0.54mg – 0.66mg in 1 drop (30ml bottle) 1.66% CBD or 16.6:983.3 CBD:MCT

Our 1000mg CBDrop CBD Oils have approximately 1.11mg – 1.33 in 1 drop (30ml bottle) 3.33% CBD or 33.3:966.6 CBD:MCT

Our 2500mg CBDrop CBD Oils have approximately 2.77mg – 3.33mg in 1 drop (30ml bottle) 8.33% CBD or 83.3:916.7 CBD:MCT

Our 5000mg CBDrop CBD Oils have approximately 5.55mg – 6.65mg in 1 drop (30ml bottle) 16.67% CBD or 166.6:833.3 CBD:MCT

Both Full Spectrum and Isolate Tincture potencies are reflective above 

Hopefully, that helps you make the dosage choice that is best for you and your needs 🙂

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